J. Koskela, Roxia & J. Babbé, AQUACHEM

Roxia acquires part of AQUACHEM

Cooperation will be further expanded

Finland based process technology house Roxia and AQUACHEM deepen cooperation through partial acquisition.


Roxia has successfully marketed AQUACHEM's filtration technology to various industries and applications in global markets. With this strategic move Roxia secures access to AQUACHEM's state-of-the-art filter press technology. Revised cooperation also allows parties to faster develop the related customer service and business in general.


“Roxia’s family values and roots in filtration makes it perfect match with AQUACHEM. As a company AQUACHEM have come into a point, where entry to global markets is needed to grow. Roxia is well located globally close to customers and has not only a sales network, but especially capabilities to support users locally.”  says James Babbé, Founder and Managing Director of AQUACHEM GmbH.


Jukka Koskela, CEO &President of Roxia continues: “Strategically, Roxia aims to grow both organically and through acquisitions. Recent success with Roxia SFP’s, a filter engineered and manufactured by AQUACHEM, has ensured us that the technology and the company itself are truly unique and something we can strongly relate to.”.


Customers around the world will benefit as AQUACHEM and Roxia form a strong partnership combining decades of experience with complementary range of filtration technologies. This partnership is strongly supported by Roxia’s advanced environmental technologies and state-of-the-art industrial automation solutions.




Headquartered in Finland, Roxia delivers high-tech dewatering, industrial automation, and environmental technologies. Specialising in mining, minerals, metallurgy, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, the team generates best performing solutions for each specific need. Roxia offers support from Australia, Chile, China, Finland, Germany, Peru, South Africa, Sweden and the United States.


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