AQUACHEM Annual Review 2023

On course for success with the help of innovation and team spirit


As an eventful year draws to a close, it's time to reflect on milestones and successes that make us as the team of AQUACHEM proud. 2023 was characterised by exciting developments, new challenges and, above all, the continuous pursuit of quality and innovation in the filtration industry. 



Team growth and expertise  


One key to our success is undoubtedly our dedicated team, which has expanded over the course of the year. New colleagues, including experienced professionals but also young talents from the field of information technology, have strengthened our resources and taken our customer service to a new level. By joining forces, we were able to expand our product range and develop customised solutions for our customers.  

As an employer, we are extremely grateful for the commitment of each and every team member. Their dedication, expertise and willingness to take on challenges are at the heart of our company's success 



Promising trade fair participations  


Participating in trade fairs such as FILTECH, Powtech and Deburring & Solids was not only an opportunity for us to present our products and innovations to a wider audience, but above all a platform for making personal contacts. The direct dialogue at trade fairs enabled us not only to talk about solutions, but also to discuss challenges together with customers and partners. The informal dialogue at trade fairs not only promotes the exchange of knowledge, but also strengthens interpersonal relationships, which are invaluable to us. We are grateful for the opportunity to not only create business opportunities at these events, but also to build a community of like-minded people working together to tackle the challenges and opportunities facing our industry. 



ISO 9001 Certification  


Our continued commitment to quality was emphasised by the renewal of our ISO 9001 certification in November. This international standard for quality management recognises our constant pursuit of excellence and our ongoing efforts to provide first-class products and services.  In a constantly changing business environment, ISO 9001 certification gives us a clear competitive advantage. It gives our customers the confidence that they are receiving the highest quality products and services and signals to our partners and stakeholders that we are committed to transparent, efficient and customer-focused business practices.  


The road to ISO 9001 certification has been a journey that the entire AQUACHEM team has travelled together. Every employee has played their part in ensuring that our processes meet the highest quality standards.  It is a confirmation of our promise to our customers: Quality is our number one priority and we do everything we can to exceed their expectations. 



Successful entry into the CAM market  


In a bold move that has defined our growth trajectory in 2023, we have successfully entered the market for cathode activated material (CAM), significantly expanding our expertise as a manufacturer of filter presses. By installing our first systems in this specialised sector, we have not only expanded our product portfolio, but also demonstrated our commitment to innovative solutions. The CAM market opens up new opportunities for us to develop pioneering technologies and fulfil the requirements of this emerging industry. We look forward to continuing to grow together with our customers and partners in this promising market segment and to contributing to the development of sustainable solutions. 



Fully automatic filter presses for extreme conditions  


A key milestone in 2023 was the development of materials that enable us to successfully use filter presses for applications up to 90 degrees Celsius and under extreme acid conditions. With this great technological advance, we offer various industries suitable solutions for demanding requirements. These advances open up new opportunities for companies in industries such as chemical processing, petrochemicals and others where processes often take place in extreme conditions.  

Increased temperature resistance up to 90 degrees Celsius significantly expands the application areas of our filter presses, while their resistance to extreme acid conditions ensures protection against premature wear and corrosion. This breakthrough underlines not only our commitment to innovation, but also our ability to respond to the specific needs of our customers and provide them with solutions that last in the most demanding environments. 



Pioneering work in black mass processing  


The successful commissioning of further plants in the field of black mass processing marks an important step towards a circular economy and the conservation of resources. By using advanced filtration technologies, we can not only process black mass efficiently, but also recover valuable materials that can be reintegrated into the battery production cycle. These ground-breaking facilities emphasise our commitment to being at the forefront of developing and implementing sustainable solutions and reflect our dedication to environmental protection, circular economy and innovative approaches. We are proud to contribute to the sustainable transformation of the battery industry. 



Environmental protection in ash washing  


We have also achieved further highlights in the field of ash washing. We have succeeded in establishing our filter presses as an alternative to vacuum belt filters. Our multi-systems enable us to operate a fully automatic, unmanned and continuous flow with the advantages of pressure filtration in terms of dry matter content and cake washing. At the same time, this also means a constant reduction in air pollutants, especially sulphur dioxide, which is often produced when burning fossil fuels. In this way, we make a decisive contribution to protecting the environment and guaranteeing compliance with emission standards. 



Process optimisation through tests and digital solutions  


A lot has also happened in the field of laboratory and filter test development. With its transparent chamber, our LC50MC has proven to be a reliable solution for optimising processes to an unprecedented extent. This means that initial filtration tests can be carried out and evaluated effectively and with the LC50MC we were able to carry out process optimisations more quickly, for example, by testing different filter cloth alternatives at the same time.  


Furthermore, the introduction of digital tools such as the "Malibu" software solution and the HoloLens enabled us to generate more data and offer our customers even more transparent insights into processes and results.   



With this review, we would like to thank our entire team as well as our valued customers and partners for their support this year. Together, we look forward to the coming year 2024 and focus on innovation, cohesion and tireless commitment to first-class performance - exactly what characterises our team. 



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