Fully Automatic Filter Press - Our AF series


The allrounder


The AF filter presses from AQUACHEM are a further development of conventional chamber filter presses. The fully automatic filter press is a well-engineered and reliable system that has already proven itself many times in the toughest conditions amongst various industries. 


Due to the degree of automation required today and the necessary increase in efficiency, the previous technology is often no longer up to date. The design of the AF filter machines is therefore based on an optimal interaction of the individual components of the filter press in order to ensure safe and economical operation without the presence of personnel - and that in the long term!


No leakage, no staff, maximum flexibility. The AF is a product with a unique selling proposition. Check it out yourself!


Your advantages

  • no leakage of the suspension during the filtration cycle
  • machine availability of up to 98% guaranteed
  • fully automatic operation without supervision
  • low life cycle costs
  • 24/7 operation
  • comparable investment to conventional presses - the AF automatic filter requires less filter surface for the same performance
  • lower disposal costs due to the higher dry matter content in the filter cake
  • up to 10 times the throughput in l/m²*h compared to conventional chamber filter presses
  • compact and robust construction - with the same format, our fully automatic filter press requires only around one sixth of the space of a conventional press
  • maximum safety in operation
  • low-maintenance and -friendly

Operational construction


The design is based on the solid load and the hydraulic quantity. The filter properties of the material are essential for the final construction of the filter press. If these are not yet known, we can determine them in our laboratory.


We can check the technical and economic suitability, as well as the possible performance in l/m²*h with our test filter presses at your site.


For ideal filter results, factors such as the correct selection of the feed pump or the correct flocculation play an important role. Here, too, we offer you optimal solutions to ensure the fully automatic operation of your filter press.


We are happy to advise you.

 Product features

  • three operating modes, optionally optimised for
    • throughput in l/m²*h
    • result of the filter cake (DM content)
    • energy consumption/m³ and wear
  • five sizes: 470, 630, 800, 1000 and 1200mm plate format
  • membrane filter elements
  • "dialog control" with touch screen
  • logging of all process data on the SD card
  • prepared for all possible feed pumps
  • signal exchange to higher-level controls

How does our fully automatic filter press work?




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