Fully automatic filter presses reduce emissions of pollutants

Exhaust Gas Treatment


The Ingolstadt waste incineration plant (MVA) is a modern specialised waste management company that is responsible for the thermal recycling of household, industrial and commercial waste from several districts and the city of Ingolstadt. 


Modern and highly efficient flue gas cleaning and consistent energy utilisation are operation priorities. To fulfil these requirements, MVA Ingolstadt relies on state-of-the-art technology. 


Since the end of 2022, two of our SFP 1200 series automatic filter presses have been used in the flue gas cleaning section. The automatic filters are used specifically for wastewater treatment in wet flue gas scrubbing with subsequent fly ash scrubbing. 


The flue gas cleaning system is designed with a fabric filter, a three-stage wet flue gas scrubber and an SCR catalytic converter, thereby reducing emissions to well below the legal limits. 


Flue gas scrubbing takes place in three stages in counterflow. Acidic pollutant gases such as HCL, HF, HG, SO2 and ultra-fine dust are removed very effectively here. The scrubbing is divided into a quench stage, a packed bed stage and a ring jet stage. In the fly ash washing process, the separated fly ash is mixed with the acidic quench water. The heavy metals it contains are mobilised. In the next process step, the pH value of the solution is raised to flocculate the metals. 


The SFP 1200 with its filter surface area of 22.3 m² and a filter volume of 365 dm³ helps to separate solid particles from the liquid phase and thus contributes to compliance with the legal limits in wastewater. Thanks to the extremely effective flue gas cleaning at the Ingolstadt waste incineration plant, the separation of pollutants such as dust, heavy metals and sulphur dioxide is over 99%. 



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