Fully automatic filter press for beverage industry

AF1200 made of stainless steel


We literally "designed" a fully automatic filter press for a chemical plantvin Rhineland-Palatinate. The AF1200, which is completely clad in stainless steel (V4A), has a number of features that differ from our normal fully automatic machines.


The connection and drain distributors as well as the control and air cabinets are made entirely of stainless steel. All parts that come into contact with the medium are also designed to conform to #FDA regulations. The locking cylinder is also protected by a food-safe bellows, while all plate connection wires have been covered with a silicone hose.


Particularly noteworthy is the specially designed hood, which is shaped in such a way that no residues of the medium can stick and thus always ensure a clean work area. In addition, two recesses for the suction have been taken into account in order to discharge the vapors when the plate pack is opened. Also striking are the seals of the inspection doors and panes, which are blue in compliance with food regulations.


In the future, this special, fully automatic filter press will filter calcium and magnesium phosphates, which are used in the pharmaceutical and food sectors. With a machine design of up to 90 °C, the suspension temperature of 75 °C is not an obstacle at all.


We were only too happy to accept this challenge and are delighted with this great end result.


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