Why to modernize industrial filter presses



Filter presses are industrial pressure filters that have established themselves over the years as the standard for solid-liquid separation of suspensions in many industries. These filters consist of filter plates that are pressed together under high pressure to form a plate pack. A filter cloth stretched around the filter plates plays a crucial role in filtration by separating solids from the liquid. As long as all these elements work together smoothly, an effective filtration process is guaranteed. However, as soon as frequent breakdowns become a bottleneck in operations or difficulties arise with outdated technology, it is often time to modernize filter presses or consider overhauling them. 



5 reasons to modernize industrial filter presses


This versatility makes the filter press an indispensable component in numerous industries that rely on precise and effective solid-liquid separation. However, the reasons why you should consider modernizing filter presses can be defined independently of the individual industries.


  1. Increasing efficiency: Modern filter presses can often work more efficiently and offer better filtration performance. The latest technologies and adaptation to current standards can therefore increase productivity.
  2. Minimize costs: Outdated models of filter presses can cause higher operating costs - whether due to higher energy consumption or more frequent repairs. Modernizing these filter presses can therefore lead to cost savings in terms of operation and maintenance.
  3. Conserve resources: The latest generation of filter presses can often be more environmentally friendly, for example by improving energy efficiencies or enabling the use of more environmentally friendly materials.
  4. Utilize technologies: The industry is constantly evolving, and new technologies such as automation and sensor technology can lead to improved processes and products. Modernization ensures that your operation is at the cutting edge of technology.
  5. Comply with standards and regulations: New laws and regulations anchored, for example, in immission control law or waste legislation, could have an impact on operational requirements. Modernization therefore helps to ensure that your systems support you in complying with current standards and regulations.



When is it time to modernize filter presses?


Early detection of signs of wear or inefficient performance is crucial to avoid costly downtime. But are there clear indications that should be followed? Yes, because if the filtration performance decreases, this may be due to the wear and tear of individual components or outdated technology. Regular breakdowns and frequent repairs could indicate the need for a major overhaul. In addition, inefficient, outdated models often have increased energy consumption, which ultimately has an impact on your company's running costs.




What are the benefits of reconditioning?


Refurbishing your filter presses brings a wide range of benefits that can directly affect the overall efficiency of your production. We have already mentioned the increased efficiency itself in the introduction, but this in turn can improve the quality of your products. Cost savings can have a positive long-term impact on your budget and strengthen your company's competitiveness. Through targeted repair and preventive maintenance, you can minimize downtime, which in turn ensures production continuity. This is crucial to meet delivery commitments and ensure the smooth running of operations. The integration of environmentally friendly technologies in relation to filter presses helps to reduce the environmental footprint of your production. This environmental friendliness is not only ethically responsible but also helps to meet regulatory requirements.


Modernizing or refurbishing filter presses is often a long-term investment, and we are happy to help you plan and implement it.


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