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In addition to manual filter presses, we are specialised in the development and production of semi-automated and fully automated filter presses. AQUACHEM is one of the leading producers in the development and production of fully automatic filter systems. With our fully autonomous AF membrane filter presses "Made in Germany", which are unique worldwide in terms of quality and functionality, we offer the highest quality and the best service for our customers.


Our products are used internationally by well-known corporations in almost every filtration application. Whether in the concrete industry, flue gas cleaning, chemical and waste water filtration or in ECM, AQUACHEM GmbH Separationstechnik offers its customers tailor-made solutions for every area of ​​application.



The evolution of AQUACHEM


The history of AQUACHEM begins long before it was created. At the beginning of James Babbé's career, he worked for what was then the largest filter press manufacturer in North America. As a representative for southern Germany, he gained deep insights into the topics of filtration and filter presses very early on.


At the time there were no uniform EU standards for filter press construction. Threads, hoses and other parts did not show homogeneous guidelines. With this thought in mind, Babbé's aim was to simplify the construction of filter presses and thereby generate the greatest possible customer benefit.


Renting a double truck garage was the first spark for AQUACHEM. James Babbé developed his own filter presses and had these parts built and continuously optimised by selected manufacturers. The turning point in history was the first large order for three of his self-developed fully automatic filter presses in 1991. The large cement manufacturer Dyckerhoff was fascinated by the self-programmed control and the completely sealed filter presses.


After increasing inquiries for our completely sealed filter presses, 'AQUACHEM GmbH Separationstechnik' was founded in 1996. Today we employ more than 30 people with an annual turnover of EUR 8 million. Since our beginnings, we have sold more than 1,000 filter presses. 190 of them are fully automatic filter presses. With almost 30 years of experience in filtration, AQUACHEM offers an efficient and optimal solution in filtration technology for many applications. Our deepened cooperation with Roxia Oy since July 2022, enables us and Roxia to expand our filtration portfolio and to develop the related customer service and business in general in a more sustainable way.  Our customers around the world benefit from this strong partnership. It combines decades of experience with a complementary range of filtration technologies, strongly supported by Roxia’s advanced environmental technologies and state-of-the-art industrial automation solutions.


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