Remote Support: Our HoloLens 2

How Our HoloLens Offers an Alternative to Traditional On-Site Customer Support


Outstanding customer service is often characterized by a support team with extensive expertise, providing technical assistance at the highest level. This includes the ability to answer complex questions, diagnose issues, and effectively communicate solutions. Additionally, recognizing and responding to individual customer needs is crucial. Tailored solutions and adjustments to specific customer requirements are a must.


Traditional on-site customer service is often the preferred solution for providing customers with direct and personalized support. However, a holistic approach that focuses on the customer's needs and is characterized by efficiency, expertise and innovative solutions is usually more effective. And this is an approach that we at AQUACHEM have been pursuing for some time now.


Why Consider Alternatives?


The introduction of alternative customer support solutions allows companies to operate more flexibly and customer-oriented. Events like the COVID-19 pandemic have demonstrated the need to rethink traditional maintenance and customer service methods. Providing alternatives to traditional customer support ensures operational continuity, even when personal visits or travel are restricted. We refer to this as Remote Support, emphasizing our HoloLens 2 among other solutions. But what sets these alternatives apart?


1. Effective Problem Solving through Remote Maintenance and Technological Innovation


 Offering remote support, including innovative technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) for remote maintenance, as well as integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) for machine monitoring, are characteristics of a modern and customer-oriented service. These virtual support tools enable experts to empathize with the customer's situation in real-time, facilitating effective diagnosis and problem resolution by providing visual guidance directly on-site.


2. Faster Response Times


The use of remote support technologies allows companies to respond quickly to customer inquiries without waiting for the physical presence of a technician. For our fully automatic filter presses of the SFP series, remote maintenance via the HoloLens 2 enables operators on-site to be efficiently supported through remote access and phone support. This innovative approach ensures not only a swift response to customer inquiries but also minimizes downtime for machines and entire systems.


3. Global Accessibility


In a globalized world, it is often impractical to be physically present quickly. Alternatives to traditional customer support enable companies to effectively serve customers worldwide, regardless of geographical obstacles or travel restrictions. With our innovative wireless HoloLens technology, we can now answer questions and provide live technical support directly at the filter press, regardless of the customer's location or the noise level in the industrial environment. Intelligent microphones, built-in WLAN interfaces, and advanced speech recognition enable smooth communication.


4. Flexibility and Convenience for Customers


Customers appreciate flexibility. Providing alternatives to traditional customer support allows customers to receive assistance without disrupting their operations or waiting for a technician for an extended period. The best customer service includes clear and understandable communication. Customers should not only receive quick answers but should also be trained, if necessary, to operate and maintain their machines effectively. In this regard, remote support solutions offer an optimal alternative.


Your Benefits:


  • Immediate Technical Assistance: Receive prompt support for technical questions.
  • No Waiting for a Service Technician: Reduced waiting times and minimized downtime.
  • Quick and Uncomplicated Handling: Work at a new level of efficiency with user-friendly and seamless operation.


AQUACHEM's remote maintenance and the integration of the HoloLens 2 not only provide a response to the growing challenges within the industry but also enrich the customer experience through an efficient and convenient use of technology.



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