The BC series


With semi-automatic plate shifting


The BC-series impresses with its simple and robust technology, while at the same time offering the user many features to simplify work. The optionally available semi-automatic plate shifting allows the user to shift the filter elements conveniently. The hydraulics are controlled via the HMI control system with touchscreen. This allows any feeding pump of your choosing to be integrated and controlled.


There are plates available in the formats 800, 1,000 and 1,200mm, allowing for filtration surfaces of up to 178m². Thanks to the gasketed design, a clean environment is ensured, even during the internal flushing of the filter elements with aggressive media.


The individual discharge manifold enables many functions such as displacement air drying, turbid flow, clear flow, flushing and also cake washing. The standardised hydraulic unit is used in both the BC-series and the AF-series.


Your advantages

  • easy emptying by the operator using semi-automatic plate shifting
  • clean, sealed design - no leakage of the medium
  • closed filtrate outlet
  • use of high quality materials
  • adaptation of the filter press to your exact needs
  • phosphated and powder-coated frame ensures protection of the filter press

The semi-automatic plate shifting


Have you ever moved a filter plate? This is still possible with a 460 x 460 model, but it becomes more difficult with 800 x 800mm plates . From this plate size, we offer our semi-automatic plate shifting as an option for our chamber filter presses.


With manual filter presses, the filter plates are shifted in order to empty the filter cake that has built up. This is much easier to do with the semi-automatic plate shifter.


This is attached to both side rails on a guide rail and is controlled by two-hand operation. The pneumatic cylinders then move the filter plates on both sides at the same time.


Our system is 100% secure and easy to use.

 Product features

  • plate formats 800, 1,000 1,200mm
  • robust and easy technology
  • clean, sealed design
  • universal HMI control system with touchscreen
  • optional semi-automatic plate shifting
  • prepared for all possible feeding pumps
  • standardised hydraulics
  • internal filtrate drainage
  • discharge manifolds in line with customer requirements (displacement air flow, turbid flow, clear flow, flushing, cake washing)
  • easy to maintain

The semi-automatic plate shifting in action




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