Smartly designed filter presses

Interim nuclear waste storage plant


In addition to standardised machines, we also tailor our filter presses to individual customer requirements.
For a Swiss interim nuclear waste storage plant, we manufactured special drum funnels made of polypropylene for our completely enclosed, fully automatic AF470 filter press. The filter cake drops into two designated drums via a divided funnel.
The task was to develop a system with anti-intrusion protection that minimises contact with the contaminated filter cake as best as possible. At AQUACHEM, we designed two drum funnels as the most suitable emptying device, including a neatly sealed drum docking station and a flexible connection piece.
During cake discharge contaminated dust particles cannot get into the atmosphere. The contact time with radioactive material is reduced to a minimum. After the filter cycle, the drums only need to be closed and removed.
We love these challenges in our business, which keep our daily work extremely interesting.


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