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Addition to the AQUACHEM family


Since October 2021 we have been supported by Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH) Michael Hörmann. As a Business Administration Manager, he oversees and takes on many different tasks at AQUACHEM. Now that he has settled in, we grabbed the opportunity and asked him about his new job:


What was your position before you started with us?

I already had a lot of responsibility before I started at AQUACHEM. At a global company for construction machinery, I was the Purchasing Manager for many years and then Commercial Director in beautiful Pamplona, ​​Spain. Later, Chief Financial Officer in Germany for the same company.


Afterwards, I worked for an innovative start-up company. Here too, I got involved as Business Administration Manager and developed new structures to various topics from scratch.


How did you come to AQUACHEM?

That was actually quite funny. A good friend of mine is the banking advisor to our CEO, James Babbé. He was surprised that he always received emails from James at a very late hour. He then recommended me to James. After a very friendly conversation between us, it was decided pretty quickly that I would actively support him in the areas of Finance, Purchasing and General Organisation.


What is your daily task then?

At AQUACHEM, as a Business Administration Manager, I am responsible for a large number of tasks and form the hub of many departments. This information then comes together and I then prepare it for the Management. In addition to the challenging task of Personnel Acquisition and Personnel Management, other projects such as Material Management and other monetary issues are at the top of my daily schedule.


In addition to my tasks at AQUACHEM, I also teach as a freelance lecturer at the Deutsche Hochschule Baden-Württemberg. It is important to me to pass on my knowledge and experience to the next generation and to work with these young people. These up-and-coming talents can learn a lot from my experiences – and of course this also applies the other way around. The exchange with these young people also keeps me up-to-date and sometimes gives me a completely new perspective on things.


What do you enjoy about your current position?

As Business Administration Manager at AQUACHEM, I appreciate my great creative freedom. I can contribute fully. Thanks to the short decision-making processes, we at AQUACHEM can really make a difference. This is also because James' office is just a stone's throw away. He always has an open ear and puts his heart and soul into it.


My goal is to take AQUACHEM to the next level. New structures in the areas of Purchasing, Personnel Management and General Organisation should make this growth possible. Thanks to my previous professional experience, I can contribute a lot here.


And how do you recharge your batteries for your daily, challenging work?

I like playing tennis very much. This not only keeps me physically fit, but also strengthens camaraderie. We all have the same sporting ambitions. Club life and sitting together for a drink after a few strenuous rounds of tennis ground me and clear my head.


But my mountain bike tours in summer or alternatively touring ski in winter do the same thing.

Of course, my family is also very important, and they support me a lot. I’ve been a grandfather for two months and I absolutely love this role.


Michael, you've been with us for over half a year now. What do you appreciate about your work at AQUACHEM?

We are a small company, but we can react very flexibly to daily challenges. Thanks to our innovative strength and the motivation of our employees, we have enormous growth potential. That is contagious and also motivates me a lot.


Not only my tasks are particularly exciting, but also the family environment, which makes the daily work very pleasant. We are all on a first-name basis and treat each other as equals. I was welcomed wonderfully in our team. That made it a lot easier for me to take on this new challenge.


Thank you for the interview, Michael!


Michael celebrated his debut with us in a very traditional way - and to the great delight of his colleagues - with a Bavarian white sausage breakfast and pretzels!


We wish Michael continued success with us and say again: "Welcome, Michael!". Great that you are now part of our team!



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