AQUACHEM conquers the aerospace industry

ECM process and filter presses

What do our fully automatic filter presses have to do with the aerospace industry? Quite a lot... ECM (Electro Chemical Machining) also finds its use in this industry. The highest level of precision is particularly important in the production of individual aircraft components. 


Our filter presses work up the electrolyte mixed with metal hydroxide, which was created in the deburring process. The filtered liquid is then returned as electrolyte and the filter cake is collected in containers for disposal or further processing. Our fully automatic filter presses are used especially in the ECM area! Due to the completely sealed design, the suspension cannot escape, thus preventing the formation of crystals on the filter cloths. 


In February, filter press numbers two and three will be delivered to our customers. These are set up on a working platform that is two meters high, under which there is an additional dryer. The dry filter cake, which is ready for disposal, is dehumidified again to keep disposal costs even lower. At the customer's request, the machines were fully equipped with Siemens components and a connection manifold made of stainless steel. After their installation, the expansion of the production facility with further fully automatic AQUACHEM filter presses is planned. 


Just last week, our experienced staff from AQUACHEM was on sion-siterain the employees and machine operators on how to use the fully automatic filter press that was delivered first. 


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