Integration of a cloth cleaning system


We are looking for a


Bachelor student (m/f/d)


The project:


Creation of a concept for the integration of a cloth cleaning system into our filter press.




AQUACHEM produces fully automatic membrane chamber filter presses, which basically separate suspensions into solids and liquids. The solids accumulate on the filter cloths during the filtration process and are automatically ejected after the filter chambers have been filled.


In some applications it can happen that over time fine particles accumulate on or in the filter cloths, which consequently lead to poorer filtration performance. These deposits can be removed again by mechanical cleaning. This is usually done with a manually operated high-pressure cleaner.


Your task:


The aim of this work is the development of a cloth cleaning system that can be modularly integrated into the filter press model AF 1200. This must be able to automatically remove all deposits from the filter cloths.


For the cleaning process, high-pressure nozzles should be inserted between the filter plates, which then clean the filter cloths with water. The dirty water and the deposits washed away with it should be collected below the filter plates so that the filter cake that has already been ejected is not moistened again.



  • Creation of possible concepts
  • Selection of the most suitable concept
  • Design of necessary components and definition of the operating parameters such as e.g. e.g. pressure, etc.
  • Design in CAD (SolidWorks)
  • (testing of the system under real conditions)

To familiarise yourself with the topic and our internal processes, we can offer an internship in advance. The internship and the work are remunerated appropriately. One of our engineers will oversee the work on site.


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