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With almost three decades of experience in filtration and filter presses, AQUACHEM offers an efficient and optimum solution for many applications, working intensely to develop fully automatic filter presses since 2000.


Standardised sizes

In 2011, our AF series acquired its standardised status. Our customers obtain a sophisticated and reliable product which has proven itself in industry many times under the toughest conditions.


There are five sizes to choose from (plate format 470, 630, 800, 1,000 and 1,200 mm). The difference between us and our competitors on the market can be found in many product details, especially in how we define fully automatic operation.




The AF filter press produces and releases filter cake continuously without the presence of operator personnel in 24-hour operation. The AF filter press has very high availability and low breakdown susceptibility, allowing it to process the arising suspensions continuously and unsupervised.


With the fully automatic machines, we guarantee maximum reliability in operation in order to prevent suspensions from discharging uncontrollably. In the case of conventional filter presses, this does not happen often but it can happen occasionally, which is unacceptable for unsupervised operation and must be prevented.

In addition to the sometimes significantly reduced operating costs, the investment is mostly only marginally greater than for a conventional chamber or membrane filter press. Due to greater output per the filtration surface available in square metres, you can work with a smaller filter press.


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